Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please




Was Mark Renton not riding all manner of sluts in Limerick?


They were ones from Protestant schools



We’ve got another couple of objections in :pint:


This year just keeps getting better and better. :clap::clap:


Happy to take JPs dosh when it suits. Says it all about ye


Targeted spending is far rmore effective than a scattergun approach


Happy to take his money for a rugby museum also, mate… just not one that destroys our wonderful Georgian architecture.


Have you seen the cut of the building?! Seriously


Heap of pretend architectural experts on here all of a sudden


Lets not start all this again
This is not wonderful Georgian Architecture


The British made a great job of the architecture in Limerick, lovely wide Georgian streets, look what happened when the micks took over


Is there not a munster rugby museum in thomond Park? They operate tours to it. What more do they want. A place where the players can lounge around as their carrers end.


This appeared in one of my WhatsApp groups today :rofl:


Wonderful news. I have it on good authority that Paulie was asked to give the hurlers a pep talk before the final and demanded a five figure compensation package. Apparently Drico was asked as well and Paulies demands were considerably less. They were both politely told to fuck off.

Rubby can extend their museum out in Moyross Park if they want. Other than that, they should be told Limerick is not for sale.


Parasites should be shot.


:rofl: v good


Surely they were only after JPs money?


Of course. At least they come straight out and ask for it not like the many Limerick souptakers who are happy with a crystal clock and a holiday.