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What’s behind the facade?


I don’t know and I doubt if the objectors know either.


Exactly - you know nothing, you plep …take your horseshit and sad little hangers on like @myboyblue and @gilgamboa elsewhere, you charlatan.


This rugby museum will be the greatest thing to ever happen to Munster.


I have no problem with a rubby museum opening, mate.


Of course not, you’re from good sporting limerick stock.


Exactly … I just dont want an eye-sore that will look hideous in 10-15 years’ time.

I’m sure we can all agree on that.


The Rugby crowd did a lovely job with Thomond tbf.


Well apart from the fact that Irish Permanent were in there up to 20 years ago and they are whoever before them had completely gutted it on the ground and first floor. But sure how would you, a former Clare lad now a Corkonian supposed to know that.


You’re playing all your cards, now … At least they didnt add on a couple of floors and make an eyesore (apart from the facade) out of the building.

Why cant they build a building that will stay in tune with the wonderful buildings around that street… with a nice Georgian esque front.

Everyone wins.


What alternative are you proposing to the rugby museum to tidy up the existing eyesore


The Rugby museum can go ahead without looking so horrendous surely? Doesn’t need to be an either or


Surely if they built something classy looking, it would be entirely out of place in Limerick?!


I’ve proposed it multiple times … pointing out that the current building is shite or pointing out past mistakes is pointless - let’s learn from our-mistakes and put in place a strategy for the future so we dont end up with a load of shite like we’ve had over the last 30 or so years.

It’s not that hard really.

Let’s all get on the same page and we can have a wonderfully functioning city with a lovely rubby museum in the heart of it.

cc @Esso_Oil




You’ve obviously never been to Limerick.

The nicest City centre in the country by a distance.


Out with it Esso, you cunt flap.


Because the “woderful” Georgian buildings were houses intended and built for living in with a horse and cart in the yards out the back. Guess what? the yards are long gone with the horses and the people.
Keep dreaming though kid cause the people will come back from Douglas to renovate these buildings and walk every where and get public transport everywhere. A

They will in their Fuck.
Tis easy for you to preach as you idle your time below in Cork. A vibrant city while Limerick retail is dying a death.

And yeah build buildings with Pastiche facades that hide the true intention of a building function. Disneyland stuff.
You have let yourself down badly here kid


You’ve lost the plot altogether.

Myself and the concerned citizens of Limerick are only looking for buildings that augment and further highlight our wonderful Georgian City. Not eyesores, we’ve had enough of them over the last 30+ years.


We have had fuck all built in the last 30 years in the Geogian Limerick city.
what has been built is on the river front.

Seriously (if we can be serious on the internet) the only real intervention in the Georgian area in Limerick was Arthurs Quay, Now its a ball of mediocrity. However as a kid I remember parking in the reclaimed area that was is now the park and the decrepit nature of the buildings where the shopping centre is now was scary. My old fella would never walk down the street in fear that they would fall on us.
Arthurs quay Shopping centre is exactly the pastiche structure you end up with when shoe-horning a modern use building into a residential framework.

Oh by the way I’d much prefer if they mad a sporting museum out of it instead of focusing on rugby. The way rugby is going it will double as a dementia centre