Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


You, a pretend architect, is saying I dont like this so build something I do like and Il be happier.

Righto chief thats a solution alright. A solution of sorts


A sinn fein man roaring and bawling to defend his georgian heritage. You literally could not make it up.

Forelock being tugged to death here


We’ve had a few buildings here and there — Arthur’s quay and Sarsfield house were / are national cluster fucks, not just local ones… I’m all for viability and for increasing trade/ people/ footfall/ employment in the city - I’d just rather the cunts in city hall and the planning department etc. sat down and came up with a strategy for the city - there’s a load of buildings left empty that are just gonna fall down in the next 20 years and be replaced with what? - it’s evident that a lot more investment and building is needed in the city so why not have a plan in place instead of a building by building approach.


come on @chocolatemice. some of us have to do some pretend work


Stick the museum out in Moyross beside the Thomond Park. There’d be no issues with parking like you’d have in the city centre.





Hassests Cross … be the right job for it.


They have loads of plans. They are the best council for plans. The 2030 one at the moment is a beaut.
But getting something done is the issue They have 7 areas identified. They have the hanging gardens sorted in one area but that was half built.
The train station is well done but massively over budget I believe.
The opera centre - they have fucked up the planning application and UL and LIT have basically told them to fuck off its taking so long
O’Connell Street - which is over a year late has also been fucked up in planning.

That is just what is in the public domain. The city council are not commercial developers,. they should fuck off and build houses like they used to in the 70’s and 80’s. But no thats not sexy enough for the managers.


Jaysus as right. Your all over the shop kid.


This is what happens when its too difficult to get anything done in the city. We move out further resulting in loss of a fantastic opportunity to develop a city based campus


A great bunch of lads for releasing plans alright — Limerick 3050 will be worth 4 billion to the City :rofl:


I lived in Limerick for most of my life.


I’m not sure if you are familiar with it but they did a great job with a few of the old buildings on Hume Street in Dublin. Kept the front walls, cleaned them up a bit and basically demolished the internal structure and started again.
Same as they did with the Dean. You can be in keeping with the streetscape without jeopardising the need for modernity.
My big fear (and I don’t say this to be negative I hope it’s a massive success), the fucking thing is huge and will require huge tourist numbers. If it doesn’t take off you could have a massive ugly white elephant in the middle of the city with nothing happening in it.
If it goes well it’d be great for the city, someone asked me the other day what’s there to do in Limerick on holidays and after a few suggestions (Castle, Hunt museum, market) I was pretty stuck.


This is like the great MBB I’m a father pivot. You just want a piece of the action kid, and I wouldn’t blame you.


I am of you. You welcomed me inside you.


Living in a limerick head is not the same as physically being there


It did seem quite empty and desolate, I figured it wasn’t much different.


Easy enough to do.These cunts have no brains.Go over to London and see how they do it.



No. Limerick has lived in your head for most of your life. Rent free.