Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


The place looks like shit at the moment. This, even if its not to you lads taste, will be an improvement and should drive improvements in wider area.


Well tbf, I wouldnt pay to live in either.


You wouldn’t survive five minutes in Limerick, kid.


You’re right again my friend. If I was forced to live in Limerick, I’d kill myself before one of the knackers there did.


Which personality would do the deed?




I’d agree with that but it’s an opportunity to rectify mistakes of the past while they are at it. Kill two birds etc


Edinburgh is the template for me. Everything there looks 400 years old no matter how new it is


Bath is another example.


A mate of mine popped his cherry in Bath. Remember @Watchyourtoes




How’s the job hunting going?


Started a new one Monday night, door supervisor in town. Last night was mental end of freshers week.


A wank in the bath doesn’t actually count mate


Handy money - bad hours. Depends if at a bar or nite club I suppose… dealing with students tho - jaysus… Young wans out of their brain and wearing nothing while they roll around on the ground outside your premises :smirk:




Youre at nothing at your age if youre not outside a nite club door, sober, and waiting to pick off your targets — like shooting fish in a barrel.


Like waiting outside the ladies toilets in Coppers?

Some amount of deviants on Cark Tinder actually :grinning:


Thought you were going to uber?