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I dont know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that there was no Tinder in my day … I suppose a lad had to go out a graft and learn his trade so it wasnt a bad thing … What details of yours do these Tinder people have after you meet up?


Am I mixing up my degenerate Limerick men or did I miss something?


He joined and left because they wouldn’t give him AI Final day off!


No - they wouldnt give him AI Sunday off — He told them stick the job up their collective bollox and went up to Croke Park and walked all over the cunts.


Depends what you want to give them. Apart from a belt of the wavin pipe that is :smiley:


Ah lovely :clap: :joy:


That happened.


It was worth it though.


Between Icon and Angel lane, ive the smoking area which is handy. 90% of them are fine inside just looking to enjoy the night the rest are a disaster.


Did you get to smash a few heads yet?


Sound’s like Molly’s. Can be messy enough outside there.


I see that the actor Matthew Modine is filming in Limerick at the moment.

He has been tweeting over the past week about the lovely vegan meals he’s been having and was raving about the milk market yesterday.

I’m surprised he hasn’t been registered in the celeb spotting by any of our Limerick posters


:clap: some man @Watchyourtoes :clap:


Jobs come and jobs go .


Spot on man I was never missing that final.


Young local lady in the frame for this


@dodgy_keeper Any updates here? A young local lady is the story that seems to be sticking.


Omerta in evidence here.



Omerta? I had to google that one.


Known as sweep sweepery in these parts