Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Sweeep sweeeeeeeeeep


Very disturbing to be point scoring on the Internet over something like this.


Very strange behavior.


A new low.


Some pricks here can’t understand the machinations of a court of law and particularly in relation to a case of this nature. These fuckers will use anything to portray themselves as victims even the grumblings of an anonymous poster on the likes of TFK.





I believe his grand uncle died in ww1 - he was a pilot. The family still have the old propeller.

Gas to believe that the title still exists and that the family still own a sizeable amount of land in the county. If we had had a true revolution in this country the landed and titled would have been fucked right off — but we didnt.

Anyway, the council shafted the family some years back when they built that shitty little apartment block on the Edward St. side ---- they didnt even inform the earl they were building them on his land and just lashed them up :grinning:


Some republic where a cunt like this is entitled to call himself earl of anything. Then again, plenty in Limerick aspire to the days when the earl and his equals ran the place.


Is there not a memorial, literally beside the People’s Park, for this craic already?


You’ve tried your best to equate a self made billionaire who frequently gives huge amounts to charities and local projects and organisations, to a ‘Lord’ or ‘Earl’. You’re the only one here referring to such titles.


I felt a little sick when I read that.


Yes. It’s a Poppy hotbed around there


That’s a completely different kinda shoot-up.



Pm please


WTF is going on here? That’s twice now they’ve released a number of people after they were arrested… Are they trying to flush out some big players here or what?


The Leader have it narrowed it down to Limerick.

Other media outlets saying Munster region…


My understanding is that not all have been released and those that were arrested in the past must now be charged. Children are still being removed to care and TUSLA are sending letters to families to come for interview.


Not the same thing at all and well you know it. The self made billionaire wants to throw money from his charitable foundation at pet projects so that the ordinary plebs are fooled into thinking he is a real Irish citizen when in fact he lives in Switzerland so that he doesn’t have to actually contribute to the running of the country in any meaningful way. Thats why you, as a Garda (supposedly), has to follow Lord McManus’ guests around a field with holes in it, all the while pulling a wheely bin of golfing bats for cash so that you can go on holidays. Do you pay tax on that by the way? My referring to him as a Lord is not meant to be a funny moniker, I despise such titles as I do those who massage their tax liabilities.