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He should be put in jail the cunt. Anyone caught rotten like that should be persued to the ends of the earth. These cunts and lawyers & judges have our insurance through the roof


From the Article

“He agreed he had sued for damages in accidents in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2010 and, while having withdrawn some of them, had been awarded €90,000 in an accident in which he had suffered serious leg injuries.”

Very accident prone the poor lad.


A local traveller tried a worse stunt than that. He overtook a slow driving old man, once he pulled back in in front of him he slammed on the brakes and the old lad crashed into the back of him. He tried to sue the old man, but luckily a house had the whole thing on cctv and the traveller was charged with dangerous driving, although he probably got that reduced


scammers have been at that trick for years on the road.


Nearly everyone in the UK has a dash cam these days, we should probably be following suit.

We’ll have to add members of a certain community to truck drivers and taxi’s whose lively hoods will be under threat from self driving cars :joy:


they’re years ahead with self driving sulkies


How much would it cost to have the dash cam installed in your car does anyone know? Be very handy of you’d it running when some pikey reversed into the front of you and tried to claim whiplash. You could have him for dangerous driving


you can pick up one for a hundred pound here on the mainland


You’d pick one up and set it up yourself not a bother. Anything from €40 - €100 I’d say depending on the model you get.


Loads of them in Halfords.


Whatever about getting one, you’d want it installed properly though. Wired up to the car and installed neatly so you don’t have wires hanging over the windscreen and obscuring your view.

Halfords charge 35 euro to install it I think but I dont know anyone that has used them.


What happens if you crash into someone, you can’t blame them then?


Delete the footage anyway!


Burn the car out


You’d be in shock after the crash forget you have a dash cam. No time to rip it out anyway

Guards come and see it, You’re fucked!


You need to get them wired to stay on even if your not in the car.Very handy.


Just take the sd card out and eat it


Use your thumb and shove it up your hole


Why is there a Jim Kemmy Business School? Jim Kemmy was supposed to be a socialist