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I think you’ve confused socialists with someone else mate


Because PJ decided to fund the business school in UL. The naming may have been a two fingered gesture to Mick Smurfit who named the business school in UCD after himself


Jim Kemmy was a huge supporter of UL and very influential in getting it founded and getting it university status. Which is why it was named after him.


probably but…


“Multi Millionaire” :laughing:


There’s no end to Lord McManus’s generosity. He should be given Limerick


Yes but what about Jim Kemmy?


One of our own.


Throw the thing away and murder the other person.


There’s a statue of him down by the river, a lovely gesture from the people of Limerick. @Breaking_my_balls and the boys in Henry St made it by melting a load of stolen bikes


Was that not a more suitable faculty that could have been named after him? Linguistics, English? Maybe.


That’s actually a statue of Johnny Cash.


It’s Rocky Denis


it’s richie bennis



Was this not announced already?


There’s so many good things happening in Limerick these days it’s really hard to keep track of it all.


Ya just googled there. It’s already been announced. Maybe the site for it wasn’t announced yet as they are open in Shannon at the moment but that was always flagged as temporary. Anyway good news. They’d want to hurry up with that fucking ring road though


From March


Limerick has mugged off Clare yet again