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We’ll lynch the cunt


He will gentrify Weston .


Laced with palm oil no doubt.


Seriously? You photographed your lunch and posted the picture and comment here before you even tasted it? :smile:


Welcome to TFK please feel free to introduce yourself!


What an odd response, are you ok? Food poisoning maybe.
Did you photograph, post and comment on your lunch online before tasting it?


You do the same with pints.




Piss poor pints at that,langers making a show of himself of course! He’s drunk now i’m willing to bet.


Tbf, it’s easier than eating the food and then photographing it.


Go way, you had a gammy pint up there a couple of weeks ago with a big bishops collar for a head… there wasn’t a drop taken and you were on here


I never took a picture of a pint in my life :grinning:
That’s very odd behaviour


It would be normal enough to take the photo, eat the lunch and then comment afterwards


I can see you have put a lot of thought into this.


Was this a pretend photo to fit in?

And the photo 3 posts down also?


It almost sounds as if he has posted here before tasting his pint.


I must say i’m flattered with this new found obsession… someone needs to explain to poor @backinatracksuit that if he is easily rattled by a poster spotting his Mrs car then @Watchyourtoes is the last poster to try and engage with!


Sure the chowder was roasting you were told


Bizarre carry on.


:grin: Jesus wept, taking photos of pints is odd, not my thing.
Saying that the chowder in front of you looks nice on an internet board is unusual.