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Are you saying you posted pics off the INTERNET to make it look like you were out having a few pints just to fit in and impress a few lads on a INTERNET forum?


You finally copped it. Well done.


I wouldn’t be paying too much attention as lads pretending to be drinking pints is deranged carry on. A 5b job wouldn’t carry on like that…


The Old Fire Station does some nice grub. All healthy fare.


I’d say he was one of the last,


And the poor saps liking the pictures :rofl:


You’re passing it off as a great ball hop? I think you need a break fella… this place has you driven demented


They were all from the thread in the past few months. One had the 51 logo behind the pint ffs sake


The one with the bad head is all I saw … I wouldn’t be paying too much attention to weirdos posting pictures of pints or of their grub regularly. Especially while out and about.


Next he will be trying to take credit from his own kids for the make and do Limerick hurling tribute they made!




The 600 jobs announced in Castletroy this morning is fantastic news. 2 years of construction jobs there as well, as the facility is being built from scratch.

Badly need the north link road though, as traffic out there lately is a disaster.


Dolans put on some weird ol gigs in that big top all the same. They’ve just announced NELLY to play there in NOVEMBER :joy::joy:


Must be the money


It’ll get hot in there


The only thing that can top this is Sean Kingston



I was meaning to try it but herself was there a few months ago and she did not rate it at all. Think she might have said was very little choice on the menu? And expensive for small portions. Any of that correct?


Small menu but it’s good stuff, you’d be well fed for a tenner


Lovely coffee and scones. I’m not vegetarian but love veggie food. I’ve eaten here a couple of times and it was very nice. Wasn’t paying so I don’t know how much any of it was.