Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


You didn’t pay your own way Batt? I hope you’re not in anyone’s pocket mate


Expenses. Its how jobs like mine works out, just hand over the card and not worry about how much. Thankfully I don’t need to do tommers.


I’ve only been during day but found it good value for good healthy food and you are well fed as well.

Only open late on weekends I think


Heading to the Milk Market on Sunday. What stall does the good breakfast roll?


Hardly worth going on Sunday, but the country choice brekkie bap is decent, the roaster in you might consider it stingy


The best breakfast roll isn’t there on a Sunday mate.

The one that’s there permanently in the middle does a grand one though


I’m tied up tomorrow. Is it that bad on a Sunday?


I haven’t been in a while, it was pointless, mostly a jumble sale with a few eating options but nothing special


We are the breastfeeding capital of Ireland :+1: :clap:


A few food stalls is all that’s there really mate.


Fuck off to mumsnet.


They’ve reduced it to one sausage and a bit of pudding for 5.50? That’s stingy.


I wouldnt bother your bollox on a Sunday. Plus i’m in town Sunday and it aint big enough for both of us.


I’ll meet you in Tom Collins’ around 1.30 p.m


Speculate away


Jaysus that’s a funny one. :thinking:


An enquiry into bogus insurance certificates apparently.


Aside from my initial surprise that Limerick has an NYC-dedicated literary festival, this looks interesting.


Wonder is the raid on the Garda station linked to the local solicitor who regularly acts for members of a certain ethnic minority and who had his own offices searched a few months back.

West Limerick’s very own Maury Levy or Saul Goodman…


Anywhere nice to get a quick bite to eat in Rathkeale lads?