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Supposedly a guard arrested in rathkeale in relation to insurance disc fraud or something of that nature, that’s what I thought they said on radio. Anyone hear that?


That’s what Live95fm have on their site anyway




Wouldn’t surprise me at all. He’s a very dodgy character that fella.


Detectives have carried out searches of a garda station as part of an investigation into alleged links between a garda and a criminal gang.

The garda at the centre of the investigation, who is originally from the south-east of the country, has since been suspended from duty.

Last night, members of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) raided a garda station in Limerick as part of an ongoing inquiry into a serving member.

The garda’s home has also been raided in follow-up searches this morning. Some 16 residential properties were subjected to searches earlier today.

A senior source told that the long-running investigation is focused on a garda falsifying documents for a Limerick crime gang operating in the county.

The garda at the centre of the probe has not been arrested as part of the ongoing investigation.

“A garda is alleged to have been falsifying documents on behalf of members of a crime group in the area.

“No arrests have yet been made and the investigation is still ongoing,” the source said.

Detectives from the NBCI are generally requested to assist local Gardai with high-profile murder and organized crime investigations, but also investigate internal garda criminality and corruption.

A garda spokesperson said arrests have not been made.

"Officers from the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, conducting an investigation into the use of bogus insurance certificates, have completed a number of searches in the Limerick area last night and today.

"A search was conducted in a Limerick Garda station and in another 16 residential properties.

"Documentation, phones, personal and two vehicles have been seized.

“Nobody has been arrested at this time and investigations are ongoing.”

The spokesperson would not comment on whether the investigation involved a garda.


Not much of a garda if he only has 17 houses


No doubt they sold this lad a bit of coke and have been bribing him since.Id say there’s plenty of it goin on around the country,the guards hired a lot of low life’s back during the 00’s when work was busy and they’re reaping the rewards now.Wasnt there another auld dopey cunt above in Sligo suspended lately too.


Sure West Limerick is swimming in cocaine


Is that other ape from Tipp still working in Henry street?
An awful lot of fat cunts in the guards as well


So is mid mid west north limerick


Easier get than a pint of milk sure. The milkmen gave up delivering


The senior lads are at their wits ends since the influx of gobdaws arrived, not fit to patrol a car park is the term the proper guards use quite a lot.


Garda suspended after ‘falsifying documents for international criminal gang in return for cocaine’


Their own fault surely. They had a msssive oversubsctiption to join during the recession. No doubt they recruited based on connections over ability


The “Rathkeale Rovers” :rofl:


Thinly veiled ‘I applied for the guards a few years ago and didn’t get in’


Thinly veiled I am a guard and I dont like hearing home truths


It must have been dispointting at the time for you but you appear to have built a successful e-life despite the rejection


Yes guard