Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Get the rank right you reject


Yes reserve Guard




I heard there that the Guard in question was having a go off one of the Rathkeale Rovers women and they eventually caught him and he was blackmailed into what he was doing…


I read recently that in any places where they have stats on it countries and regions with higher cocaine use correlates with increased levels or entrepreneurship.


Define “ entrepreneurship “ ?


Or entrepreneurial activity, people setting up businesses for themselves basically. Basically the suggestion is cocaine use leads to more risk taking behaviour.


Lucky bastard

cc @KinvarasPassion


Which came first the chicken or the egg ?


the egg.


Sure the egg came milluns of years before the chicken.


Front page of the Daily Mail says they blackmailed him over his cocaine habit and an affair with a traveller woman. :eyes:


Was in Bella Italia on Thomas Street tonight, hadn’t been in a decade. Still excellent, great little spot.


I’d love an affair with a traveller woman.


Didn’t I tell ye this yesterday


Some lovely salt of the earth types outside Gerry Power’s there on William Street


A grand homely pub


It’s actually not a bad bar inside. It looks like a prison or something though


Sorry to hear things with Princess are so bad already mate.


Seemed to be a couple of lads having a heated discussion when I passed. When did the Munster Fair Tavern close down?