Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Closed a few years anyway


It’s still open.


It’s not is it? It looks like it’s about to be condemned :sweat_smile:


I’ve passed it on a few occasions recently in the evenings and it’s open.
About ten years ago I worked with a fella from out that direction and had a few pints in there twice, not the worst by any means.


Probably the most dangerous shithole of a pub in Limerick city, after the Galvone Arms.


The Olympic arms? That’s closed for years


Who is running it these days? One of Gerry’s sons?


No idea.


Stepper Flanagans used to be a very dodgy spot too a few years back


The last line is gas.

Over the years a number of players from east Limerick have played with Kilfeacle.


Are they trying to insinuate something relevant in that line?


Cant understand why they would include it other than to lay blame there.


Gerry Power is only 40 odd!


Any east Limerick clubs involved in GAA action yesterday that may also have players with Kilfeacle ?


I doubt it.
Are there many NCW lads playing both football and rugby? A good few pints after been bate and a rugby match the following day? Nothing an angle grinder wouldnt fix?


I believe NCW had a big fundraiser on Saturday night after the match. Not sure any of the footballers have been playing rugby so far this year though.


Was there spot prizes?
If there was an angle grinder as a prize you may have your answer.


His father was Gerry.


Had supper at the French Table last night … Had heard mixed reports but I thought it was lovely. It was my first time there but they’ve only just reopened after 2 months renovations …

Had crab starter and braised rabbit main.

Stayed in the Pery. No1 and had a lovely seaweed bath and full body massage just before dinner… unreal! I asked for a deep massage and that’s exactly what I got — some times the tender little ladies just dont have it in them to get properly stuck in but this lady had a lot of strength for small lady hands.

Limerick has some lovely, lovely places to to treat one self to.


Happy anniversary, mate.