Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


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Awful internetting.


This is actually happening right now.

I’m very pleased to announce Finnegans in Annacotty is still going


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Jesus Lads, Limerick is totally gone. It’s finished


That will be knocked, houses for the homeless are going up in there.


will you go way out of that.


Keep heading into town and see our magnificent Georgian city around Patrick Street up to the Crescent before it falls down cc @chocolatemice cc @Robert_Emmet


A lot of places boarded up. Lots of phone and fast food joints. Lots of beggars. This is a very sobering visit to sporting Limerick. Hardly anyone driving a new car either I see.


That must thrown like that for 15 year now. An unbelievable eyesore


@flattythehurdler reckons Limerick would be a great place to live. He needs his fucking head examined.


that has been passed around between various funds and banks now for donkeys years and none of them were capable of turning a few bob out of it, and now some ape thinks they will build council houses on it :laughing:


When is the Paul ó Connell / munster museum been opened?


It wont be — I have another objection in.


i always enjoy my visits to limerick city, and i always enjoy leaving a day or so later. did you notice as soon as anyone here mentions they are in limerick you get a few apes jumping up in excitement offering you advise on where to go and that. they loves their city but they are awful needy simpletons


I’d love to live there, it’s the nicest city in Ireland. Nicest people in Ireland, bar the ones still gloating about being bought an all ireland by pj, gift wrapped by that uucoaref.


Was it as good as you remember mate?


I was in Limerick City Sunday for the first time in a while. William Street was like a ghost town around half 12; a provincial town main street would have been busier. Brexit must be affecting consumer confitence in the capital of the Mid West