Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Brown Thomas was heaving on Sunday. I bough a coat and two shirts.


I popped in at that time for a few nespresso capsules and it wasn’t too bad.


The Champagne Socialist shops in Brown Thomas :grinning:




I don’t think I ever claimed to be a socialist.


Finnegans was everything and more I was a bit nervous going in the door, kind of like the way you’d be seeing a old girlfriend after 20 years. The Breakfast was still the same, top quality. The only negative was people had to sit very close together, the fella beside me ordered a pint of coke with his builders breakfast.


Galway, Belfast, Dublin and even Cork are nicer.


The good times are back :clap:


:grinning: You’re an awful WUM, flatty.


It must have been quite emotional for you


Are you heading into Vaughan’s tonight mate?


it was a very emotional moment


He won’t be around to see it in 20 years at that rate.


not tonight mate


Not a WUM. Limerick has most things you’d ever want.


I can almost hear his insulin spiking from here


That must have cost you the best part of a grand. A fine day’s shopping.


You don’t get to decide what you are on TFK


And a shitload of things you’d never want too. The city centre is very safe, decent pubs but dickhead bouncers, SCR is nice, parts of Dooradoyle and Monaleen are nice enough but there’s whole swathes of the city that are complete shit.


There aren’t. Most of it is grand. It’s a lovely city. I don’t know why people run it down.