Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Bit like you when @Breaking_my_balls tracked down your car.



I was told the bad news yesterday. It was always going ahead but we put up a savage fight and drew awareness to the importance of landscape.


Just like the pretend RA


I know nothing about that.


It’s good for the city in terms of having a major attraction, whether it’s sustainable in the long term remains to be seen. There will be serious money spent on it. While the design is an absolute eyesore I’m sure there’ll be a massive influx of Davitts from Llanydnrdydl to marvel at it.


The museum and anything tat will bring footfall to the city is very welcome … as you say, it’s going to look ridiculous and when it’s closed down in 10/15 years it will be a complete load of wank that will eventually have to be knocked.


In 10 years the GAA can buy it for the 10 in a row museum


Another loss on your record


I think a national sports museum might have been a more viable option long term but I suppose the site isn’t particularly big. Hopefully it goes well, as I mentioned in the past, a well placed source told me the plan is to make it “the Disneyland Of sports museums”


Sure if its half as successful as Disneyland wouldnt ye be flying


Some Mickey Mouse museum


I stood up and was counted - that’s a win.


Not if you dont win no.




Those objections dont fill themselves in.


Willing to fight knowing you were going to lose from the off is the sign of a true warrior. My two tours on FCA duty taught me that.


I doubt that would be in too many navy seals handbooks. Sounds more like something the taliban would brainwash a fella into believing


I wouldnt expect the Cork crowd to get it. The honourable thing is always worth fighting for no matter what the odds. Doing right is not a pick and choose thing depending on outcomes- it’s something you do at all times.


Oooffft as the man says.