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There’s fuck all in Limerick city for tourists, it’s likely that they’ll flock to this place if it’s well kitted out,
Limerick in general cares about rugby, don’t ask me why, a city centre attraction sounds great for town though


I’ve no issue with the museum itself ---- I’d love to see the breakdown of tourists that pass through Limerick that come from rubby playing countries tho— Mostly yanks, Germans, Spanish, French, Italians and tans …

Let’s hope they do a really good job that will have neutrals flocking to it as I doubt too many tourists will be coming especially for it.

What’s needed is a motorway between Limerick and Cork.


Tourists will go anywhere that their told to, especially when there’s not much else to do, I once gave a full day to the national museum of Laos in Vientaine


They have the Castle, the Hunt and Limerick Museum for that — Why would you go to a museum on a sport you’ve never heard of? Stop now.


Bells and whistles mate, you know better than that,
The places you mentioned are all terribly dull for the neutral


People travel for history - culture - food - and relaxation. Unless you’re a rubby enthusiast you wouldnt dream of going to a rubby museum. I wouldnt visit a GAA or scummy soccerball one - the idea of a ‘sports’ museum is bizarre and the idea of a niche sport’s museum is even more bizarre.


They seem to have toned it down a lot. I like they way they have a car just parked up on the road illegally in the photo. Makes it much more realistic

Big difference between that and the original


And you’ve a few lads here saying we didnt win :fu:


If it wasn’t for rugby during the depths of the recession limerick city was utterly fucked.


The rivalry with Leinster alone was worth 10m to the city every time they visited…


I think this could be as big for Limerick as Celtworld was for Tramore.


Massive backtrack by the rubby men.


Man you just unlocked a long lost childhood memory for me there, I had completely forgot about that place!


Not much difference now between this and the long-gone Munster Rugby store that was across the road. It might even last longer.


This will be a white elephant in about 10 years. A big come-down from the original application and a message to PJ that his money might buy him Limerick GAA but won’t buy everything.


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Not the remotest fear of it a chara. Once a useless bastard always one.


You didn’t @Julio_Geordio has those pics mixed up. Its the big tower whats got the go ahead




Massive crowd here in the GG. There must be nearly 100 people there.