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7.5k, you aren’t great with the numbers



You’re not great with numbers are you.


Give the poor lad a break. He’s still learning names of food.


There was about 6 people in the uncovered stand.

About 7,494 in the Mackey stand which is where the cameras are in the grounds.

You thick cunt


7.5k for the biggest event of the year :rofl:


You got in for free if you produced your rugby ticket


Was 10k +at the cork final


There was 100k + in Limerick for the biggest event of the year, you absolute ham bone


Yeah but they had fuck all to support since



Ye have three times the population pal, plus its a Saturday night at 3 degrees. Neutrals would give that a miss especially with kids when its on TV.

7.5k is a good crowd considering that.


There were about 15 clubs represented the same day.
.all of east cork was there


It was the first county final ever to be shown in hd


No need to resort to name calling, kid.


It’s tfk.


What you said was quite hurtful. Just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you can behave like an animal


I’m terribly sorry if I caused offence. I thought you were baiting with your relentless shtick on the hurling and against Limerick in general…

I won’t insult you again


I only slag Limerick to wind up @chocolatemice and @dodgy_keeper, kid. Delighted to have hooked that little shit @TreatyStones as a brucie bonus.

But if you ever call me names again I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish.


I’ve no guts, so best of luck with that.


13000 in thommand though, a good few of them ran down the road afterwards to boost the crowd. Lucky really that the rubby was on wasn’t it especially with it being so cold and it being Saturday night.


The average fat rubby fan would only run as far as the nearest chip van