Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


All Im hearing is excuses lads.and the one thing TFK wont accept is excuses for poor attendances. Considering there was 240k at the homecoming it was a shocking shocking crowd


I watched it at home with the recliner up, the heating on, a packet of red Doritos and two (2) bottles of erdinger


I didn’t go because it was cold.


I heard it was 3 degrees


Anyone ever eat dinner at Foley’s in Ardagh? Yay or nay? @AppleCrumbled @Massey @dodgy_keeper


Is that the one at Reens Pike… if so it’s daycent.


I think that’s it yeah.


Never ate there but it’s on the bucket list.

Marco Polo was lovely in town yesterday, hadn’t been in there for a year or two - 2 courses for €15 quid in the middle of the afternoon was good value. Portions a bit on the small side but it was more quality over quantity.


Yes and is very good .


Pure roaster fare mate. If that’s what you are looking for it’ll do the job well


Very nice to be fair. Ate there recently enough and just had the fish and chips. It was lovely. Lady Batt had lamb shank and reported it is fabulous. I’m not really a big meat eater so couldn’t tell you.


Just back from Foley’s. A big thumbs up, fantastic value for money. I’d a sea bass that was €12.50, and a leak and potatoe soup which brought it up to €16. I’ll be back. They were very busy.


Busy day in the fashion quarter


Hell of a town. :smile:


You know what’s just around the corner … Peter Casey bang on the money again.


Jerry Flannerys?


Chicken Hut?




Henry Street Garda Station