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It was also confirmed that the new owner is Barry Healy, who has been involved in the drinks industry for the past 25 years. He lives in Pallaskenry with his wife and family.

It is understood that he hopes to open the premises, which has been closed for some months, before Christmas. It will continue trading as a public house.

€375,000 is an absolute bargain as well. Open for Christmas :clap:


Grand pub and I’m sure it’ll be a fine spot in the hands of a West Limerick publican


I’d say @AppleCrumbled would know him. He made a massive profit on the horse Alphabeat.
Picked him up for a song, moved him to Byrnes, won 4 or 5 races on the trot including the Kerry National before being sold on again.


Tom and Gerrys has also undergone a serious renovation, looks very well from the photos I saw. I think Steve Collins (of the witness protection program) son has it now.


Lads whatever happened the poetry society who got offended at being turfed out of that Munster rugby players pub?


Ya I know him. He owned shanpallas too and would be great friends with richie Downes who buys the foals for Charles. Rumour had it he was buying the coach.


Did they change the name as well?


Ya, The Number 3



He’s obviously not short of a few bob, in all my years in Limerick I’ve never seen a mayor with such a profile, he must be worn out from attending events, you’d do well to open a page on the leader that he’s not on


Page 6


Does he turn up at every event shitfaced like Gerry Mcloughlin used to?


Last paragraph


Ah i’m reading last weeks - this week’s hasnt arrived down yet.




You’ve been mugged right off mate.


I have yeah - your man that wont take pictures of pints because it’s pathetic behaviour ran to get the paper, read the page I randomly threw out and took a picture of it to fire up on the internet.

That’s a mugging off for me alright.




Yaser Al Abas


And all in one minute,
you’ve taken this very badly mate, he’s not on page 6 of the sports section.