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It was page 9 - I was reading it upside down - How embarrassing for me.


Hang on there.


It’s been two minutes …


There was a lot of text to scan
Check out these two cunts


Prendiville quits? The socialist wasn’t making enough money from politics I suppose


Not enough champagne in it for him


Reminds me of the bloke in Young FG from Tipp somewhere. Clonmel I think. There used to be a van going around UL around 2013 with his face on the side.
He was in his early 20s maybe but looked like he wanted to be 60. Similar to the twat in the above link.

Prendiville? Him and his megaphone were fucked when the Irish Cement protests went unheard. Nobody gave a shite about his scaremongering.


Just got a message from a good friend of mine that Leonard Enright has passed away. RIP, a gentle giant and brilliant hurler.


Heard he was in Milford alright. An utter gentleman. RIP.


What on earth are you blathering on about?


Rip Leonard. Heard he played senior and junor rugby the same year which back then was fair going. Won all sorts of athletics medals. Sounded like a phenomenal athlete.


Ah poor fella.
Well known to any lad who ever stepped into Mary I

My father rated him as the classiest 3 he saw in the flesh


He was unreal, hardly needed to train.


His take off speed for a big man was phenomenal. Low centre of gravity meant he couldn’t be knocked too easily either and if he hit you, it was guaranteed to hurt. His chest was like a barrel.


Jesus, I knew he was ill but I didn’t know he was that far gone.

A very nice man.



A brilliant full back


He was admired across the border pal.


My father said the same. A gent too.


RIP Leonard a fitting tribute for you tonight, Patrickswell and Limericks greatest ever number 3.


Sad to hear . A great hurler and sportsman . And a gentleman to boot . A real hero . RIP .