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He could have a belly of drink inside him and you’d hardly think he had a pint. Not an angry word would ever be said by him. I drank with him once or twice and had an escapade with him when he was driving the Perri Crisps truck. Thats a story for another day but suffice to say my sympathies go out to his family.


It was like throwing it into a barrel of sawdust. No effect.


It was just unbelievable and his temperament stayed the exact same throughout. In fact, if there was a row, he’d be gone the other way. Put a hurley in his hand and a Patrickswell or Limerick jersey on his back and he’d murder you.



And a great family man. Birdy idolised him, my heart goes out to the poor girl.


Genuinely cannot watch that again right now.


My uncles hurled with him for years and always re-marked on his ability to hurl from the front.


Is this confirmed? Terribly sad if so. Leonard was a good 'un.


RIP Leonard. Manys the chat I had with him while dossing from lectures in Mary I. An absolute gentleman.


That’s a lovely tribute. Bennis, Carey and Gillane, some continuity of talent across three generations. That was only recorded during the week I believe.


Funny hearing Ciaran talking about playing in goals. Didn’t he let in a few handy ones in a challenge to get himself back out field the same year :sweat_smile:


He had been invited up to the Allstars do tonight, I think he was to present the HOTY gong if he had been able.


Played in goal in county final in Kilmallock in ‘87. They beat Ballybrown. We won the minor.


He must have close to 10 county medals for Patrickswell? @Watchyourtoes


Easily. Dave Punch must have twelve.


Has to man he was still flying for the club in his late 30s! Funeral will be massive.


I think patrickswell won 15 in 30 years or something like that. Absolute dominance.


A club founded by a Tipp man :smile:


Didn’t realise you were a MIC man as well, what era?


Sure a lot of the NaP stalwarts were Tipp men too I believe