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Hence the colours! :shushing_face:


Was there any club before the 40s?


Ballybrown, same parish.


Id have to ask one the older lads been honest!


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Don’t go there!!


There actually was a club formed after the split with Ballybrown, forget the name. Eventually became Patrickswell.


Was there a split between The Well and Ballybrown in the 40s or did Patrickswell side of the parish just form their own club?


We wouldn’t even break bread with them now!


We dealt with him for years in mary I down in the hall playing indoor. A sound man and a bloody great hurler. A fair lush mind you as well but a very nice fella.



In the 50s. Two of the older Bennis lads played with Ballybrown I believe, even after the clubs split.


Two fairly strong clubs for the one parish. Is there other parishes with as many county senior championships, provincial championships, county players, All Stars, etc?? Imagine what they’d be like as one club. Actually it’s probably their hatred of each other that raised the standards in both clubs


When Patrickswell had all their success the team was built around 3 or 4 families. Even when they were winning county finals, they hardly had 18 players. It’s a tiny parish with a small population. One cul de sac produced the Careys and Kirbys which was about six player on the team. You won’t see that again.


04 to 08 and did another stint after for an extra few letters. Came away with a few medals from the place too, we tried getting Leonard involved one year but he’d no interest! :laughing: Don’t think himself and Cregan saw eye to eye on hurling matters, there was certainly no close friendship there though they did chat away


Would Leonard have not missed many years with limerick and pwell due to playing soccer and rugby ?


Pretty sure he played them at the same time mostly but there may have been a year or two he didn’t hurl with the county, older posters would know more


Mick Mackey was a massive fan of soccer so he got himself appointed as a scout at matches to report on who was playing or in the crowd so he could attend football :smile:


They asked him to stop going to watch soccer and rugby games, he told them to fuck off, so their way around it was to appoint him a special official for monitoring what members were going to these games :laughing:




There’s a soccer club in Clarina who play in the Desmond League called Breska Rovers


That’s mad. That was the original name of Patrickswell GAA. Think they started with a pitch down by Clounanna between the Well and Clarina.