Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Ah you’re only a young lad so. I was out of there in 03. Leonard and Mama Lynch gone within a month of each other :frowning:


Bad night for LOI football in Limerick. Sorry stuff. Only sing when they are winning


First thing in the morning he’s trying to have a pop at anything related to Limerick. So sad.


Lot of one armed waiters in Limerick


That semi final collapse is still eating away at him.


I wouldn’t know anything about dossing lectures but I used to drop himself and Donie down the paper from the shop most evenings… he loved his Limerick Leader. There wasn’t much that would knock a stir out of him but he was a gas man when he threw out a few quips.


It kills poor @gilgamboa that Munster rogby is always linked with Limerick first and foremost yet none of us here could give a shit about the entire set up! Tis gas :grin:


Met Birdy a few times, a nice woman herself and Leonard seemed to be well matched. Didn’t know his young lady at all though. Did he have any other children?


Never heard that one. Breska, a new one on me.


Ya, three lads as well as the daughter.


His son Allan was over Askeaton hurlers this year. He’s been living here a few years and used play in goals for us, fine keeper.


Wasn’t it Leonard’s nephew that was killed in a car accident few days before the 96 All Ireland Final. That was awful sad that time, some of the Patrickswell players on the team would have been friendly with him


@gilgamboa is far better then he has been lately, normally his head is straight but he seems a bit all over the place lately. Has he a Limerick misses I wonder? I know ive driven the house demented here after Limerick winning the AI


Breska and Breska Beg are closer to Clarina, but other than that I don’t know.


Have just been shown a photo of the 1968? minor champions, Patrickswell. Underneath its named as Lurriga Gaels? Isn’t Lurriga back by the old church?


Lurriga is the whole parish of Clarina and The 'Well combined.


No it’s not, it’s the townland on the road down from the church.


Correct turn left before the ferry bridge coming from limerick and you’ll come on it.



Holy fuck, that’s bizarre. Always thought the parish was Ballybrown.