Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


There is free parking for the Christmas period in the old Cleeves’ factory, accross the river on the North Side between Sarsfield and Shannon bridges.


I am out west limerick direction today so took a slight detour via the hill in Rathkeale for the sights. Cars, caravans and transits everywhere but very quiet.
Best time to go is in the morning as no one is up and about until the afternoon.


Just be careful of pedestrians


Hard enough to find a space for a car in town never mind a tractor.


On another note i passed the Ho and De Bucket earlier on my way out of town earlier and both looked to be jammed.


I’ve heard mixed reports of the ho since it opened I’ll wait for it to settle down before I give it a spin


Think I’ll head out there for lunch tomorrow, will report back


I tried to book it for dinner Christmas Eve but was told they aren’t doing food that day.


I had a few pints in the bar last Sunday.It’s grand,still smells of paint.Unbelievable amount of staff.


…and all the cars pointing west.


I’ll give a like to whoever can answer what pub I’m in right now.


An Teach Bán.


Will you drink the pint and stop taking fucking photos of it ffs*

*I’m seething that I’m not drinking pints


The white house


I still haven’t been there since it re-opened; what’s it like these days?


Its hard to have sympathy for genuine people down on their luck when you read this shit.


twould grind the gears


Hard to have any kind of sympathy for the dregs of society like that cunt.


Cunts with more than 5 convictions should be told to fuck off or else present themselves at the nearest vet to be neutered, then they might be considered for a council house


The lad with 50 convictions doesn’t want to raise his kids in an “anti-social” part of Limerick city.
Picky indeed.