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They had (when he was with Noirin Ni Riain) the big house on the road between the two, just before the border. Strange house in that the marriage broke up there as well of the previous owners prior to them moving in. I think he may still have lived there. Was in it years ago. Some gaff


More to this than meets the eye apparently. Must ask a few questions and if anything comes back will report accordingly.


You still driving the Ambulance Batt?


Sulky racing on the Croom bypass at 7.30am this morning. Horse in the middle with a car on one side and van on the other. A few other hangers on behind them with a long queue of traffic.




'81 was a great year. We sent ye home with ye’re tae in ye’re mugs from Thurles.


Great to see such progress was made after that and that 37 years later Rutland / Patrick St is no longer falling down in a state of disrepair.


Yeah, everyone remembers that one :rollseyes:


A great day. Big Joe scored a hat trick. We stopped off for drinks in Tipp town on the way home. “The Streets of New York” was a big hit at the time.


Ye must have won it out that year? :thinking:


Did you ring the guards on the bastards?


Surprised the scum rats were up that early.


It wasn’t exactly another 22 years till ye set foot in Dublin but not far off, I’d say ye still can’t use the correct knife and fork


You’re trying too hard mate


Of course. Want a spin?


It’s unreal how I figure out who people are on the INTERNET


You should be a Garda. Well done. You could give up sweeping the streets and be a detective.


It was a poor response from all ye wanabee Limerick lads.
But I’m sorted, the Clare boys bake it now.




Garda Alan Behan said the defendant “reached in and grabbed her by the vaginal area” while also attempting to bite her ear.