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What’s hardest to believe about that story is there was a group of people in Morrissons pub at midnight on a Sunday night.


Tipp deviant


Marks & Spencer’s coming to Limerick it seems


I don’t think it can even be described as a pub these days. I’ve relatives out that side and it used to be a great drinking spot way back when. The place beside O’Sheas is still a proper boozer.


Well it’s due about 30 years at this stage. :joy:

Is it supposed to be going into the city centre or what?


Isnt it supposed to be replacing Artur’s Quay once it’s knocked?


Be another 30 years waiting so :joy:


Not a lot to get excited about in fairness.


The potato croquettes . That’s it .


There was a time when it would have been exciting enough but M&S is on the wane these days.


Was part of the Castletroy SC expansion plans that got knocked back I think?

If the hurlers can end one great Limerick famine this year then surely it’s time for M&S to end the other one.



I was in secondary school with this lad but he dropped out after junior cert. The only thing I can recall is himself and another deviant (this one from East Limerick) having actual pissing contests to see which one could hit the top window in the jacks



The Curragowl.


That’s actually fuckin ridiculous to be honest


I know the chap to see him. A bit of an ape. Raw men all of them Tully’s


Haven’t seen the lad in over 20 years. There’d be a bit of want in them alright



Fried food dressed up as fancy food.