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That’s the trouble with just eat, you wouldn’t have a clue where you are ordering from. If you walked passed that you wouldn’t exactly be enticed in.
There were and I presume still are places in Dublin that wouldn’t even open to the public, just eat/deliveroo etc orders only. Get a rush of orders from people looking to try somewhere new and when business slowed then they’d change the name and start over again


You’ll always catch a few pure innocent types


It’s always easy spot a mug


It’s a different place,

What’s the deal with the prayer mats being stored on a shelf at the back, doesn’t sound like an offence


The same fella has a book of commandments then about where he can get a haircut.


He’s an awful godhelpus. You’d br amazed he’s even fit to wipe his own hole truth be told.


Its the same spot.

The problem with the prayer mats is that shelves is that the rat shit that’s on the floor gets lifted onto the shelves where they probably also store the pizza boxes.
That and we hate muslims


Anyone ever see the muslanian shop beside the Unicorn. You have these hardcore muslanians going in and out in their robes, right beside an ale house, which is frequented by some hardcore pissheads, right across from the Hiway, frequented by even more hardcore pissheads…


I didn’t go in and eat there Dumbo. Keep up.


Your disdain for the deal on offer was obvious alright. You’d have spontaneously combusted with excitement if you had.


It’s not, the place that @Smark described is on Carey’s road by the post office


the post office is on Hyde Road

you’re right that they are different places though


Thought Carey’s road went around the corner but I’d say you’re right, either way it’s not tne place


The post office is next to Austin’s yeah.
The pizza place @smark is talking about is there next to where Cleary barbers terrorised tyoung kids back in the day.

It has gone through about 4 name changes in the last 6 months. There is no chipper on Carey’s Rd. Its reported on the lwader that its the one on Edward Street and that is closed.
I wouldn’t visit either if you were sane.


Traded as the yellow road chipper at one stage some years back?


No, the Yellow road was at the town end of Edward Street, the place that @Smark mentioned was next to Austin’s pub, the place that was shut down is further up Lord Edward street, close to Wolfe Tone street.


The place I was on about is right beside the train station.


I know the one, it’s next to Austin’s pub but I’ve never been in.


Who put up that fibre optic broadband cable around Caherdavin, and when is it going to be connected?
All info welcome.


Dedicated line into the Gaelic Grounds. We need the dedicated bandwidth to support all the hurlers data analysis.