Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


It’s Vodafone or Digiweb* powered by Siro. It’s up and running actually despite the fact that the website didn’t show it as working yesterday. But like Ryanair, I threw a few fffs into them and it’s working today.

Speeds of upto 1000Mb/s and a bit cheaper than Virgin Media cable. It looks like the best way to go I suppose, but the thoughts of getting more cables run into the house is daunting.

Digiweb don’t supply TV.



The Leader will surely get a 40 page pull-out section if M&S decide to actually set up shop this time.


Exciting times for the city. A uk based department store, yipeee.


Has it been agreed?


I think there’s a press conference this afternoon in city hall.


Surely be a parade if true


Bonfires anyway,I’ll know more as soon as the omertà is lifted.




The place has got very run down. Maybe it’s time for me to go back and save the day.


there are 14 areas in Kilmallock and by national definition there are 13 of them deprived. This is from the Central Statistics Office from the last Census in 2016. Now that’s shocking,” he said.

According to the 2016 figures the average unemployment rate at that time for Kilmallock was 18.61%.

“The national average was 12.91% and we’re 18.61% so we were 50% higher than the national average. We were also 30% higher than the Limerick average,” said Mr Moloney.

“The figures also show that 35% had not completed school and the national average was at 27.5%. The national average of third level graduates was 30%, Kilmallock was at around 12%. It’s shocking,” he reiterated, adding that those with disability in Kilmallock according to the 2016 Census “was 50% higher than the national average

Charleville must be in some state if you’re looking down your nose at it :thinking:


Typical Limerick - A medieval town and they letting it rot - Any other county would be flogging it to tourists.


All joking aside but would Kilmallock have a reputation now as being rough? It said in the article there are problems with fellas selling drugs in the street.


Have they not got the dark web in Kilmallock?


Like a lot of small towns a lot of strangers shipped in. It wasn’t rough in my day.


Worry about your own mud hut pal.


The bould Tado would be one of the Balbecs finest! :smiley:


What part of Limerick is at fault here?

Have they no civic pride in Kilmallock or a council that could keep the place tidy?

I don’t know what you expect Limerick to do here?

Anyway, any and all tourism is to be funnelled into Adare by mandate now


Are there still a lot of travellers in the town or did they ever move on so to speak?


Limerick does fuck all to promote itself … It didnt even bother getting involved in the Wild Atlantic Way project until it was too late - and they had fuck all to do but sign up. The same few people in the council looking after their own little patch - the crowd that fucked the 2020 and let the shambles that is Galway get it.

Kilmallock is a wonderful medieval town, only 10 minutes up the road from the largest stone circle in Ireland - but again, who’d fucking know that we had that in Limerick. There’s abbeys and castles all over Limerick that most people dont even know exist and they’e as good as anything in the country.

The council are too busy giving themselves pay rises ---- There was a lovely Georgian House on Pery Square that tourists could frequent for a small fee … The Culture/Arts officer had a better idea tho and closed it to tourists and turned it into a 3 storey private office and nothing was said…

Ah stop — I could go on and on … While that shit goes on in every county they are able to get their act together to promote their county and put on events all year round. What does Limerick have? Anything that gets up and running is usually a private venture and the cunts in the council couldnt give two shiny shits.