Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


The lucrative American tourist industry is bate down a well trodden path mate.

Off a cruiser or plane. Bate down to Killarney, bate up to Adare. Maybe Bunratty or Dromoland, up to Dublin for a pint of Guinness and fuck off back with the Irish experience done.

At the end of the day they’ll only invest in tourism if they see a profit at the end of it.

We were pretty fucked for the wild Atlantic way thing considering we don’t actually have a coast


A legend.


I’ll tell you one thing, Val Moloney will be called the biggest cunt in Ireland for raising this. Molla Donegan then with the sweep sweep.


We have an established set of families for years.


The coast had nothing to do with it ---- it’s a tourist trail. There’s more than Americans coming to Ireland - and there’s also the in house market… the point is that we/the council do fuck all to promote Limerick. They’d let the whole county fall down if they could — thankfully there’s private people/ politicians with a bit of pride and gumption.

Loch Gur should be turning over major bobs - if the same thing was in Kerry it would draw 100s of thousands and a festival around it.


Ya, an auld Polska Sklep is just what the town needs.


If Limerick didn’t have Lord Mountbackgammon it would be the poorest county in Ireland.


I drove through Kilkenny recently enough and couldn’t get over how decrepit the town’s were in it. It was like going back in a time warp once you crossed into it.


Kilkenny was thriving until 1921.


I think they’re beginning to get their act together now, belatedly.


Laughing at Charleville. A town with a thriving and growing Kerry Group plant and a massive Lidl logistics centre. Two fine employers.



Ah yeah, but I think Mike Houlihan has moved into a larger premises and has hired two extra staff.


And they won the all ireland and walked all over the ‘carkies’


Don’t forget that it was the fella from Charleville that lost it for Cark.


Tis awful sad tis awful sad


How’s Mallow getting on since they closed down the sugar factory lads.

From Mallow up, Cork is pretty much a wasteland.


Why the fuck are you revelling in the unnecessary destruction of Mallow?


Mallow up to where?


I merely asked a question.

Why do you always jump to conclusions and make a gowl of yourself?


About 2 miles passed the hotel in Charleville.