Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


You don’t know that Mallow was devastated by the closure?


I heard bad things, looking for confirmation.


Fuck off


Have you a child left after you in mallow? Or did you prospect in a bit of land?


Don’t be such a prick, you’re better than this.


I asked a question and was told to fuck off. I’m fully entitled to go in with two feet


No you were, bizarrely may I add, point scoring on the Internet in a pissing contest about whose county had the best towns, and you chose to use a shitty cunt of an example. But go all in there all you like ‘two footed’ if that’s what you want.

You cork and limerick boys are odd as fuck at times


A waste of time, none of us ‘Carkies’ give a fuck about Mallow, it was only a bit of banter about two neighbouring towns, Mallow or anywhere else is irrelevant


One of Limerick’s absolute finest Sister Helen Culhane of the Grief Project on with Marion Finicane now


Are you a moderator?

Why do you feel the need to jump in and ref it?


So you’re not disagreeing. That’s something


I know.

I seem to have upset a laois man, bizarrely enough.


Plenty employment in Charleville. Kostal in mallow as well as a big dairygold plant. Mallow does fine because train has you in cork in 20 mins every morning and loads of commuters. A quick search there suggests 200 jobs available in mallow and charleville area.

Two shitty towns though with little appeal to a stranger


The only money Yanks spend in Limerick is speeding fines as they flake through it going to Kerry, Clare or Galway. Don’t mind yer man about putting up posters about some shitcan abbey in Abbeyfeale or wherever.


That’d be a great name for somewhere - Shitcan Abbey.


He’s trying to be edgy now because I destroyed him earlier and last night for having no back bone and going with popular consensus. He’s all out of sync but he’ll be back to his safe, bland self tomorrow rest assured.



Buttevant slap bang in the middle then an absolute doldrum


The Lidl warehouse is in ballyhea.


That must have been a huge boom for employment in Ballyhea, I’d say they were raging in Charleville when all those jobs went to the village with a couple of hundred people


Yes. Its about 2 miles from charleville