Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Only a short drive to the employment hot spots of charleville and mallow though


Buttevant rocks on the 12th July .




Kilkenny is a great spot looking forward to the league game there in February il stay the Saturday night and do a @dodgy_keeper on it!


Mallow is back in the big leagues now mate as Ireland’s first smart town. They’ll do as well from it as Ennis did when it was the e-town back in the 90s. Locals were up to their hoops in dial up internet and yokes


Get a room lads.


That is quite funny coming from a Limerick poster :smile:


There’s only the two of ye.


All they did in Ennis was post on the internet while hiding behind their printers


True, ye’d need the function room in Citywest for the circlejerk


Kilmallock is a poor man’s Askeaton.
Askeaton has a better Abbey, better castle and better employers.


I’m sure both are lovely mate


Our ruins are bettter than yours.


They aren’t, they are both run down shitholes over run with travellers


You couldn’t make it up. Limerick lads arguing over which medieval town is the most run down


My word you’re in bits, not even trying to tag anymore, amusing.



Their heart isn’t in it though, they haven’t had a cross word in over three months and will eventually just concede that the other one is more shit


You’re right.” Askeaton cunt” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Cark cunt”.




You are trying much too hard mate. In your attempts to make light of the newfound serenity and satisfaction being experienced and displayed by Limerick posters, you do realise that you are appearing unhinged? You’re on here posting every day sniping at Limerick while we’re all laughing our hole off at you and the other rapey rugby chap.