Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


I don’t need to tag you. Sure you read and comment on every thread on the forum @myblueboy


And from those seeds clarehurlers was sprouted. Halcyon days of INTERNET discussion.


Do you believe I read every thread on the forum



In a nutshell👏


The Limerick crowd are incredibly touchy, whinging at the most gentle ribbing but lash out all round them about the neighbours, there’s a thesis in it :smile:


That new ‘Gardens’ building looks very impressive


That’s actually a fantastic post. I love the way you just stepped in there and captured the mood of the nation. A real saddle-the-pony moment.



Ye are some poster boys for contended self-satisfaction alright


It was unreal, it just came to me. I was just inspired to post that there, it’s unreal how that kind of thing happens.


Stick to the Céilí mate


Fuck limerick


The clarity that we are experiencing is unreal.


You’d want more than a tub of butter kid.


The absolute state of your footwear! Are you a priest? :hushed:



Has anyone read the book on the Coleen Bán? It seems to be a very intriguing story and I’m thinking of buying a copy for reading over the festive period.


There’s hardly a book in that story.


I’ll save you the hassle Batt. She dies in the end.


Project Opera as its so called, seems to be finally happening.

Potential game changer in fairness.


cc @TreatyStones
Better sell that Passat fast, pal.