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The comments hun xx :rofl:


Serious job


I’d the seafood chowder recently in corner Collins in adare. Superb. Probably the best in limerick. I also ate in Neville’s and the portions are still crazy. Where besides the curragower still does a good seafood chowder in the city? Hearing very disappointing stuff about the manor.


The grub in the golf club is nice and decent value compared to the hotel


How does the grub now compare price wise to the golf club before Jp took over?


The general manager was on the radio last week or the week before again, they’re on the lookout for yet more staff in the Manor.

Must be a fair turnover of staff in there. I know a couple of people (maybe mid 50’s, retired from the public service after doing their 30 years) and they packed it in fairly soon after starting. Not meant to be the nicest people to work for apparently.

Don’t know what the food is like but something like 90 quid for tea for two in there. :smile:


90 quid for two cups of tea?


Not a clue was never there in previous regime


Afternoon tea and you get shown around the premises too.


Doesn’t sound bad, afternoon tea would set you back north of 30 quid in most places.


get yourself down the cliffhouse in Ardmore. Reasonable. Stunning view.


I was there last year, there was mayhem here with a few lads losing the plot.


I was there last weekend with the missus and the small one. Jaysus the food was incredible.

just re-read… why were there lads losing the plot?


Heard the same


Be careful on William Street


How’s ould Tom McNamara getting on? I haven’t seen him in a while.


Had lunch in lenas today. Wasn’t great at all.


What could possibly go wrong


You do know you can eat somewhere Charlie doesn’t own?


How many are they employing in there? Much Enviromental issues in recent times?