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Ridiculous decision. The fuckin size of the mud pond now, if it were to be breached it would be carnage.


These mud ponds? What’s the end game? Let it dry out and ?


I don’t know actually. If they were to shut down next year due to US sanctions the council would be left with millions and millions of a clean up Bill. It’s crazy that they haven’t had to lodge a bond with the council.



Drove past recently but didn’t realise it was that big. With the dry summer was there any issues with dust blowing off the ponds?


No, sure that red dust you’d find on the cars comes from the Sahara.

Here’s a town in Hungary after one of those storage pits was breached




That Southerly wind must suffocate the Banjo players across the Estuary.


I don’t really think there is an end game. Just maintain and hope someone comes up with a solution at some stage


Can always rent the place out to the ESA as a Martian testing ground. It’s the right colour if nothing else.


Deripaska resigned from the board of the parent company Rusal didn’t he? I would’ve thought Aughinish was no longer subject to those sanctions @TreatyStones


Forget about the cloud, it’s all about the floating data now



Interesting. There’s been a whole pile of announcements in relation to the docks over the years but I don’t think any of them have kicked off.

The company who decides to locate their data centre in the Mackey Stand will have the coolest data of all.


Google tried this a few years back and abandoned the project.


By God, it’s the building that’s floating, not the data.


It looks very small and shit

Is the whole point of these things not to build them at a massive scale?


Ya it sounds like nonsense. I’ll be my bottom dollar it never happens. The huge Apple complex they were going to build in Athenry was only going to employ a 100 odd staff, and they are saying this boat will employ 124.


There’s barely 124 in the RNLI and how many boats do them cunts operate?


100 in construction and 24 day to day


That’s high tech for you.