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Lovely festive spirit in the Milk Market despite the inclement weather


Thanks pal, I won’t bother reading it now.


I think you’ll find Batt reported this fact some weeks ago exclusively here on TFK. A shower of clustered cunts working there but why are we surprised? No fear that it will put paid to the notion that PJ is a grand lad to work for. Plenty lads above in his yard working for fuck all as well in the hope that they will get a break in the horsey circuit. The only break they are likely to get is a broken bone. However, I can guarantee that there are cunts on here who will come back with a ‘he doesn’t run a charity’ kind of shit. He doesn’t have to, but it isn’t much that he pays staff a decent wage. Easy to afford multiple multi million houses when you pay people the bare minimum.

Batt is clever. Batt knows the score and is no souptaker. Be like Batt, not some of the other cunts inhabiting the virtual halls of TFK.


Ate in the Goat Grill during the week. Utterly unimpressive. Had a dish that looked and tasted like Charlies false limb.


Where is the Goat Grill?


Around the Dundrum area I think. Charlie Chawkes place


Not a matter regarding Limerick so.




Would you believe it’s in Goatstown?


No kidding .


Owned by a Limerick man. A bit of a bollix, but a Limerickman. Apparently he could have avoided losing his leg if he had employed security to take the money but couldn’t justify the cost. Tight cunt.

Heard it on good authority that Patrickswells rubby hero wasn’t out because of an injury only. Allegedly there was something else going on that caused a bit of a disciplinary issue.


Huge shock and surprise as miserable begrudger dislikes yet another successful self made man.

You’re a sad cunt all the same. The type of cunt it kills to see anyone doing better than him.


Thanks pal. I’m touched by your comments. Batt can’t help it if he has a tendency to tell the truth.


You’ve a tendency to begrudge, to dislike people who have done well for themselves and have a few quid, to be bitter and jealous. Nothing to do with the truth. If you weren’t all of the above you wouldn’t be bothered about the likes of Charlie. But you are, you’re very bothered by him and other wealthy successful people.


Ate in house tonight and it was chronic


People who refer to themselves in the third person tend to be cunts


Thanks pal. Rest assured, Batt takes note of your concerns.


Not really. I merely pointed out the fallacy of his not paying for proper security, therefore it ultimately cost him a limb. Ask anyone who works for him and they will tell you he’s a bit of a bollix.


You really should have added another sentence to your post as follows:

“And that’s the bottom line cos @StoneCold says so.”


Pity this . Was a decent shop .