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Wasn’t he shot the night of Euro change so they had to keep all the money on site for the night?


No no no, stop talking facts or reason. He was shot because he is a bit of a bollix and even with all his money he wouldn’t pay for a security man, which apparently would have stopped armed thieves willing to blow someones leg off. The security man would have scared these guys off.



Mike Ehrmantraut wasn’t available that day


Which was it?



That guy on the bottom left isn’t very good.


True, but he’s 100 times the musician Tom is,
Tom was in tne market on Saturday, seems to be in grand health


Was that him sitting beside yer man on the guitar who was mangling Sean South from Garryowen?


Tom was at the entrance when I was there, he was playing ‘you are my sunshine’ (obviously)

But I’m confused, is it the way you don’t know Tom?


No I know Tom. When I was there there was a couple of lads sitting inside the entrance. One lad had a guitar and I thought lad beside him was Tom from corner of my eye but didn’t pay close enough attention.


The fella who often plays with Tom was I by the coffee shop with a different partner when I was there anyway, a dreadful musician and singer, Limerick is very poorly served by buskers at the moment


True. Good atmosphere around the town all the same. Went to Brown Thomas for the Christmas tree then to Tom Collins for the one around 2 I clock. It was very quiet.


Who is it?


No idea of his name but he’s often playing topless in the summer, he’s not great singer.


I’d say there’s traveller blood in him, he’s from Weston, @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac might know him?
Loves the old style country music and the Irish ballads, not a terrible singer to be fair but he hardly needs that microphone and amp,
Seems like a nice chap to be honest


Who’s this now?


The Bermingham lad is it?


Who robbed the Casey’s drugs :grinning:


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac exacting his sweet revenge.