Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


The two upstanding lads granted bail. :smiley:


solicitors are cunts


I’ll send a bag of yokes up to you for the Christmas to smooth over our disharmonious e-relationship mate


Yokes :roll_eyes:



Yokes are too mental for me, I like to relax & munch.


I’ll have a dig through the haul there later and see if there’s a bar of smelly sock or something


The Rathkeale area:


You couldn’t be up to those cunts,


They’d chance absolutely anything if they thought they’d get a few bob from it


Anyone hear of the Caseys trying to build a house by the Dell roundabout there, (which leads to the old road to P’Well). Rumour has it that the ERU had to go out with the council to get them to stop building.
They claimed the land via squatters rights initially.


“Rumour” :joy:

It was in the paper weeks ago.

Another one to join @tazdedub’s band of intrepid investigators.


Better than your band of cunts.


I live in Dublin so don’t get to read that paper.



I don’t read up on Limerick news. I’m forward thinking.


so ye wait to get it a few weeks later by word of mouth?


That was back in March or April they had German shepherds guarding the place for weeks after it.


The Raven never arrived.


You’re in for a treat at Christmas when you find out we won the All Ireland.