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I’m surprised they are leaving NaPiarsaigh. Are they joining Mungret or the Well?


Will ye shut up!


Old news pal. I saw this one morning and asked a few lads what was going on. They got permission for a dwelling but commenced construction of a hard surface area which was going to be nothing other than a caravan park. Rumour has it that a factory looking to move to Limerick put the squeeze on the council and they got a high court injunction on the fuckers. They are a particularly distasteful shower of filth and it was no harm to put a stop to them. However, this is only temporary as I have it on good authority that their wanderings and intra traveller marriages will take their vile influence out of Southill to infest parts of the county. Thanks to those TDs who gave these cunts ethnicity.


I hear the Caseys threatened the nearby residents who put in objections.




This was the story earlier this year.

They since applied for planning permission for a temporary mobile home on the site. Due for decision in January


The residents in Nortrh Circular Road were so up in arms about the idea that some normal people might be able to afford a house there that one of them went and bought it to be safe


Pocket change for Brooks


Reopens this Friday. A great christmas present.



He’s some man in fairness, real Midas touch stuff during the recession


His father did a great job repairing our Grundig tv back in 91.

My cousin claims he’s great friends with Aidan but, like a lapsed poster around here, he’d claim to know everybody. Aidan obviously didn’t give this lad any solid investment advice anyway as he got stung during the recession


Poor old Joe isn’t very well these days, a lovely man.


Ah sorry to hear that.


Savage lunch of chowder in finnegans today.

But what really made it memorable were the spots.
Miggle D along with his footmen and guards were the starter but that was knocked out of the park by the lads who sat in beside us. None other than the man who raised liam maccarthy in august and the hurler of the year.

Finnegans if firmly on the map again


Cc @Tassotti


En Route back from Laois obviously. Ne’er a decent hurley maker in Munster anymore.


I’m absolutely delighted to hear this news


Lots of practice making them up there I suppose.