Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Wont be a sinner at it. Limerick are very bad to support these things. Munster rugby the only consistent draw


Big time. Unless it’s someone like Picture This, Hermitage Green, Hudson Taylor type cods wallop


I’m going into see the Academic tomorrow night. Seems to be a good crowd going to it.


Seemingly very good live .


Tis the same few like yourself go to everything. Your in and out to Thomond park, gaelic grounds etc


Haven’t been to Thomond yet this year unfortunately. I must try and get in in the new year.



Didn’t Nama, ie the taxpayer, take over some of his debts?


Sure he could photo copy hundreds more of that one and give them out.



I can’t be arsed to start a thread about the Roscommon ‘incident’, maybe some has already. But would we see a similar outcome in Limerick or would we side with the banks?

My own thought are that its a pity about the dog and a shame that the security cunts weren’t kneecapped before their vehicles were burnt out.


I see the Roscommon thread now.


Do you support yer man who was evicted not paying his debts and taxes? Think carefully here


OOOOOFFFFTT! Someone pick Batt the Hypocrite off the road, what an uppercut.



Hello echums.

Is this place any use? Does it actually have its own pool and leisure centre or is it using UL’s facilities?

We have a voucher with Select Hotels to use in the short term and the other options nationwide don’t really tickle our fancy.

We have friends in Limerick we need to catch up with too so wondering if this Limerick option would fit the bill for a quiet 2-3 night break? Our baby will be coming too.




No-one suggested anything of the sort. He has to pay his debts but not at the behest of imported loyalist goons while our own Gardaí look on.


Another accolade for Ireland’s premier hurling stronghold.


Every place should be breast feeding friendly but stick that in your pipe leafy liberal Dublin