Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


He obviously doesn’t do irony.


Some fucking cheek.


Clare St… you’d swear the prick was offered a house in Caracas.


He should be given a bed alright. In fuckin jail.




@codegreen and @Bawny are off their face here


Could be the right spot for a park and ride for lads too scared to try and park in the city centre


Handy spot to park the tractor alright


There’s a animation on about limerick tonight 6.30 Rte 1


Jointed in town tonight, couldn’t get into Jerry Fla’s or The Commercial cos they were brim-full. Did the White House (grand), Copper Rooms (busy but got a table) and Pharmacia (bit of a kip). Back in to get the presents sorted in the morning.


Is the copper rooms the woman’s bar? I refuse to go into such places after an evening in house a few months back


Bobby Byrnes is a great spot for a bit of grub.I’ve been there a few times in the last couple a months and each time was very good.Small menu but everything is very tasty.


Full of blueshirts pal, wouldn’t be seen dead in there.


Christ your a tiresome cunt.


A wine bar, so pretty much yeah. Twas grand for the night that was in it.


I’ll definitely go so.


Getting busier now, cars abandoned left, right and centre up along William St. Lads worrying about it and parking out in Raheen :roll_eyes:


Normal enough carry on.


Was going to try that 101 pub saw a queue and said fuck that, Jerry Flannerys place was the same, avoided both and went to the Old Quarter, was actually v good craic.


You must have been in good company because that’s an awful shithole