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Welcome to the club pal.


I wouldn’t go to the old quarter in a fit. I never venture into the White house but they’d savage Guinness in there Friday night. A very mature crowd though if that bothered anyone. Official line the bouncer uttered was 25s over only.


I was indeed pal


The White House was always a fine pub and it hasn’t become any less so under the new ownership,
The Old Quarter wouldn’t be for me at all at all, I can’t imagine ever going in there by choice, there’s so many decent pubs in town


The old quarter strikes me as a place that’d be full of dirty scobes anyway.


It started off as a place to be seen 15 or so years ago but one feels the quality of clientele may have gone down .


Really? I’m in limerick 15 years and it was a shithole when I started going out, it’s proximity to Docs/Trinity rooms was all it ever had going for it, I had to have a few pints in there on 4 or 5 occasions and it was always a kip


Around the time of the Millenium it was decent but it has gone down .


It was if you were a scumbag. I worked there for a few weeks around then and the clientele were utter cunts, rich knacker types on coke.




Somewhere in Limerick :joy:


Credit where it’s due, the UCH panto is superb family entertainment, that small fella Richie is wasted in Limerick, he’s fantastic. Samantha Mumba looking very well and it’s the only few hours of the year that I find that Richard Lynch fella tolerable.


Sad happening in pallaskenry with the news a man in his 30s has been murdered.


In the town or at a house ?


What the fuck???


I think on the street one brother stabbed another brother.


Fuckin hell


Sad thing to happen in a small village like that.



Where was that?