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Limerick, county I assume. I’d say somebody here knows



Aye just saw that. The dead lad was harmless. They just arrested the brother in the gaa club house.


That’s absolutely fucked up.

He was harmless, a grand fella.

Jesus Christ.


Terrible happening.


Just heard the names there, to be honest when you said it was two brothers they were the first two that came into my head. I wouldn’t know too many people in Pallas but the lad who was killed was the same group as myself up along in soccer and the brother was always a bit notorious.


Likewise, I don’t know too many down there either but knew this lad. Nice fella. Poor man, no winners in a situation like this.



Is that the fella from the show where he moved out of Home?
Sounds like an awful story


It is ya.


That’s him alright, he is interviewed up on the Indo saying he was good pals with the lad killed.

Very sad story.



He was well known in Limerick, Cork & Kerry for his Agri Videos. He has a lot of followers.


Ya that’s him. He ever used to do much work but he made those videos, I think coached some underage soccer teams and ran a Local pool league. You’d meet far worse types. Very sad.


The whole place is in absolute shock, it’s one of those things that you never in a million years think would happen in a place like Pallas. And I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it must be for his family.

He was a nice man, one of those fellas that knew everybody. Decent hurler in his day too, was one of our better forwards in the pre-amalgamation days. Mightn’t have been the fittest, but would rack up decent scores from play & frees.

Think he was involved with the soccer club underage more recently, and by all accounts was one of the best players in the pool league that they have in the neighbouring parishes. I wasn’t great friends with him or anything, but he’s one of those people that you would notice if he wasn’t there… either down the pub or just around the village itself.


Finally got around to the Westward Ho for today’s lunch. Nicely fitted out, plenty of friendly waitresses, decent enough menu with nice options for kids especially.
The wife and I had the fish pie and the fish and chips which were both pretty good.
The kids had wings, chargrilled chicken, fish pie and shepherds pie. The shepherds pie could have been good, nice gravy and lovely mash, but the meat was fatty and very underdone, inedible, they took it off the bill but it took the shine off it, particularly as we were told that there had been another complaint earlier, how did it even come out to us?
Anyway, I’d go back but wasn’t blown away.


Anyone been to Longcourt for a bit of grub?


Yeah. A bit hit and miss so far but it’s early doors, it’ll take a while for them to find their feet. Service not the best either.


Did anyone else hear anything about the collapse of a ceiling in PJ’s Manor before Christmas? Apparently only the luck of God prevented serious injury or even death.


I hear they cant keep staff there either.I know of at least two wimmin who left because they were treated like shit.


The house or his hotel ?