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Unlucky mate, that’d have been great for you.


Hotel. I’ve heard talk of it again this morning at work but it’s interesting that nothing seems to have hit the newspapers or media outlets.


Fuck off, cunt.


From The Leader.

AN ASYLUM seeker will appear in Limerick District Court this Tuesday morning, facing one charge of masturbating in a public place at a city centre supermarket.

It is alleged that a 47-year-old non-Irish national, who currently resides at Mount Trenchard Direct Provision Centre in Foynes, was masturbating at Dunnes Stores on Harvey’s Quay last Friday morning.

He was charged under Section 45 2© of the Criminal Law Sexual Offences Act at a vacation sitting of Limerick District Court on Friday afternoon.

Garda Shane Thornton said that it was the State’s case that the accused walked to Dunnes Stores, walked up the stairs and “proceeded to pull down his pants to engage in masturbation”.

Gda Thornton, who conveyed the accused to Mayorstone garda station that morning, said that shoppers were in the area and that the store manager witnessed the alleged incident.

Objecting to bail, Sergeant Donal Cronin said that the alleged incident was “a serious offence” and that the accused is a “flight risk”.

He added that CCTV evidence will be made available.

Defending solicitor, John Herbert argued that his client was not a flight risk.

Judge Marie Keane said that it was a “very serious offence” and that the State’s case “merits the refusal of bail”. Judge Keane remanded the accused, who has been assigned legal aid, in custody until this Tuesday.


He should be deported immediately.


Was he at the nurofen plus like Prendeville?
Cunts like this are a danger to society, where’s he likely to be a ‘flight risk’ to in all fairness, how do you deal with this in reality? You can’t have him walking the streets


His hands are tied at the moment.


Calling @backinatracksuit, what’s the best Indian restaurant in around the city centre to get a delivery sent to me? I’m starving. Aroi is my back up option.


There’s a lad called burgers from the island that’ll deliver food from takeaways that don’t deliver if you want that. He also sells cocaine and will deliver cans/vodka to hoouse parties any hour of the night.


Strange business model. Why would a drug bother with delivering chips?


Does he have Xanax ?


Or a nice floral Dress perhaps?


Terrible indian fare in Limerick, Mogul still best of a bad bunch.
Aroi is gone to the dogs, Lana is better but Joe Cannings chipper in the industrial estate does really good Asian food.


Think Camille is only ok (and not Indian)
Aroi gone crap.
Mogul not what it was but still decent. Spice of India fine too. Had something from Poppadom the other night for first time in nearly a decade and it was grand too.

Someone hyped up the curry house at South Court here recently but th South Court is a pretty bleak place. The only think I’ve ate there is tayto and snack bars after blood donation.

Cc @glasagusban


Diversification mate. Chips are always a seller, in good times and bad.


There’s not much competition, Aroi set a very high bar when it opened but it’s shit now, Khing was amazing but it’s gone, Camille is good.
Taikichi is probably the best Asian outlet but there’s no real competition right now


Update: I’m waiting on a delivery from poppadum.

Camille is only ok IMO, although I’m basing that on Dublin branches.


Camille is very average, Zo Zabb beats it all ends up. Lana is pretty good too.

I like the Mogul Emperor though, think it’s a pretty good Indian. Definitely the best in Limerick imo.


Popadum is the place that was paying some refugee 1.50 an hour to wash the dishes etc

Send the driver back


Oh my…now we’ll see what @glasagusban is truly made of :popcorn: