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Ate in the camille once and though it was dog shit I was been served. A waitress walked around cleaning tables told us to order at the counter. Cost enough too.


Similar to this crowd so?

Not sure if they deliver cocaine though


@glasagusban i hope you enjoy your Indian meal kid


+1, it’s hard to find a daycent curryhouse in Ireland, they really do do them better on the mainland.


There’s a few decent Indian restaurants in and around Dublin but they’re high end places, fuck all outside that
I was at a Hindu wedding in London a few years ago and every single dish I tasted (at least 10) was far better than anything I had ever eaten in an Indian restaurant in Ireland,

But I’ve eaten shitty Indian food in England as well


Whitties have an Indian Takeaway in the evenings now. Don’t do deliveries though.


Doubt burgers has a website


He’s probably using Telegram !


A pager more like.




The great Jimmy Nodwell @mickee321



Didn’t know @flattythehurdler had completed his move to Limerick already.


First up on his hit list is that cunt John Bishop who disrespected his elderly neighbour that time.

The scouser is in for it when he next performs in the UL Concert Hall.


Des Bishop a scouser???


Edit made. Two unfunny cunts. An understandable mistake.


you can’t get any decent ethnic cuisine in oireland, the shit you get there is smothered in horrible sauces designed to appeal to the simple peasant tastebuds


Jp to the rescue again


What a man, I actually shudder to think of what Limerick would be like without the great man, a few work shy chancers below in Adare won’t sully his reputation


Who needs an ability to fill out forms when you’ve got JP