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He’d better give us a few bob so.


The Liberties clique never liked Kilmallock


The Liberties Clique like nothing outside of their own circle, despite the persona they may want to display.


They’ve a huge size of a site there now. Wonder how long it will take to get anything moving.


The fear would be a stagnant Opera Center pt II.

Huge potential though, would love to see it developed properly. Proper development on that site would be really great for the city.


Shutting the port, building office and housing down that side would be a good start.


Its a great location, made for up market apartments and high spec office space. I’m always cautious though when LCC are over something.


It is. Road connections are ok. Public transport in form of buses easily added. Schools can also be added.

My concern is that too much is being put through lcc which will be political rather than commercial.


I agree with you, I do have faith in Brosnan though, his involvement has moved things on a lot more than the previous stakeholders. If they get it right along with the Opera center, it’ll be fantastic for Limerick full stop.

If the Leader could tone down the inane bullshit crime articles that end up on the every second day we’d be better off again.



My house is down the street from the arch. We were in the Times the other day. Kilmallock is box office.


Ate there last week. Joe could invest a few bob in heating the place up a bit more. Twas perishing


Why is the non aggravated burglary perpetrated by some Limerick folk the lead item on RTÉ today? Doesn’t seem that big a deal.


Think it was a planned Garda operation and they knew what the lads were up to.

I love the court transcripts when lads are formally charged and some of the daft replies these alleged criminals make.

Normally it’s “the accused made no reply when charged” but it’s reported one of these four involved in this case replied “nice one, man!” when charged. :smile:


Yeah it seems like the Gardaí are very proud of themselves and have convinced the reporters to follow suit. But the lads running away when they found someone inside the gaff doesn’t sound like they were terrorizing the countryside.


Dats Limerick citaay kid!!!


Can’t believe this hasn’t been posted!!


Outstanding Headlines thread.


What were the names? Im assuming Casey’s ?


Not Casey’s, these lads were Woodlands from Weston