Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


You don’t go to South Armagh if you are on the run :sweat_smile:


Those two cunts were picked up in Kilkenny last week and were let out on bail


I hope @backinatracksuit enjoyed his day in Curraghchase


Was he dogging out there? :joy::joy:



Seeing as you have the Sunday World, what does it say about gangland Limerick?


Eds McCarthy is the Head honcho in the city drug scene apparently. Dundons are friendless. Other than that it doesn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know.


Any mention of the Keanes?


Collopys doing well. Christy Keane only a ‘figurehead’


Who the fuck buys the sunday wuddled


I used to be a regular there one time. Used do a fine breakfast. Are the old couple still running it I wonder.


Same fella is running the Glen for donkeys years, it’s a decent pub, far superior to the Windmill, daycent Thai food upstairs as well


The lad who posted this would fit in well on TFK:


No need to report it to ‘the lads’ at all, they already know.


Any pictures of dogshit you ape, or has that particular fetish gone off the boil? You fucking gimp.


They do grand food there wouldn’t be a fan of it for a pint though. Don’t like drinking in places that do food


I was above in Neville’s this evening it was jammed.She’s made a fine job of the place.As nice a bit of grub as I’ve had in a while.


It’s doing a roaring trade. Car park is wedged every weekend. Food is smashing too.

Glad it has worked out after the tough circumstances she found herself in.


There used be a front bar and back place did Food ?


:eek: I was there myself. The food is good but the menu is very limited. Great spot overall.