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Its a bit limited but it was smashing.


I eat there once a week and yes it is expensive but it’s absolutely unreal and you’d be very full after it. The menu is small but I guess that’s why the dishes they do are quality. A difficult balance to get right.


I never said it was expensive, in fact it’s fairly reasonably priced. There was only about five choices for mains today, one being ‘Chicken Curry’ . Every time I’ve been there in the last year the menu has been the same.


I think it’s fairly expensive compared to the spots like it around but don’t mind paying for the quality. The muscles and garlic bred are unreal.


Christ almighty you’re seething like I’ve never seen before, absolutely car crash stuff :grinning:
Take it easy, this level of anger is dangerous at your age.

Have you convened a family meeting yet on the situation?


I’ve been there twice myself in the last year. The food was nice to be fair. I think the pub section is an awful soulless spot to have a few drinks in though. I’d eat there only.


Uncle Toms is less than two miles from Boher and in total would put you 5 minutes longer on your journey.
Call in there for your pint.


Agreed. Or the Tower in Ballybrood. Which of the two do you think is better? I have a soft spot for the Tower myself of the two, though Uncle Tom’s is nice too.


More likely to find uncle toms open.


Lovely pub, especially of a cold evening. Grand and warm and cosy. Flaking pint too. A half dozen would disappear there very quickly.


Avoid the 45 game of 9 hands though. The sharks in that have been playing for 40-50 years and would eat you alive


Seems to be a lot of May Eve bonfires across the city tonight. Busier night than halloween for the fire and rescue services these days arguably.

There was 2 or 3 over in St Marys park earlier when I was passing by Grove Island.


It’s always been a big thing in the city. We always lit one…You’d be building it for days. Was never as big as ones down the island or garryowen though

I thought it was may 1st in the past


Always the 30th April mate, Its a tradition that goes back generations in the City alright…pity a few scumbags generally end up attacking the fire brigade etc.


That should carry a massive sentence .


Fully agree, unfortunately it seems like young lads get away with it, as it happens every year.


Is it an English or a Celtic tradition? They do the May bough around here but not the bonfires


Irish celtic tradition pal.


Celtic so. I see it’s done in Devon/Cornwall etc alright


There was big one in by Carew Park around 6pm, bit of a stupid time to be lighting a bonfire @Robert_Emmet