Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Bit of info on it here pal, I wouldn’t be an expert.


There was big one in by Carew Park around 6pm, bit of a stupid time to be lighting a bonfire @Robert_Emmet


I was there too :scream: absolutely wedged when I was there around 7pm


All the boys in Nevilles at the same time… Ye’re all the one poster ye schizo cunts :rollseyes:


Was that your 4Oth?


No you cheeky bastard, I’m ages away from that milestone :grin:


It’ll be a long time before your 40 again


Just answer the question you thick cunt. Of all the apish posters that inhabit this shithole, you are top of the pile. Who in their right mind would trail across the interweb to find pictures of dogshit in an attempt to troll someone on a chat forum? You need help, you utter cunt. Actually, you don’t need help, you need to be put down.


Is he still going on about the dogshite pictures? :smile:


Limerick firefighters called to hoax drowning, also attacked with stones during May Eve celebrations


Army should be sent in there today with a free pass to kick the shit out of them


Seriously now, you’ve completely lost the plot here, I don’t think TFK is a suitable outlet.
What the fuck would I be doing with a picture of dogshit to illlustrate your hilarious attempt to control the thoughts and minds of you family members because you’re a control freak oddball, that would just be weird.
I’ll save the dogshit for when you’re crying about not being allowed to take your freeshitting and non leashed dogs into a private property that has been landscaped at the cost of many millions,
You will ignore the facts as usual
And pick up a few handy likes from a prized collection of apes.
Clean up your dogshit and let your family think for themselves, that’s how things work nowadays


Tipp man isn’t he?


Bottom line here is that you trawled the interweb to find pictures of dogshit to post up whilst adding the odd emoji in order to make yourself seem funny. Of course the usual arseholes liked your posts, I’m only waiting for that other cunt elvis to turn up.

I think I made it clear a long time ago that my hounds paws would never grace the hallowed turf owned by PJ and his monument to excess. My point is that there were walkways given to the people of Adare by the original owners of the Manor and PJ closed them off without so much as a geek from local meejia.

Now, over to you, cunt, the last word on the matter is yours. Make sure you include a photo and a smiley. No need to worry about the likes, the usual clowns will look after that for you. Cunt.


Is he still going on about the dog shite pictures? :smile:


Your own paws are delighted to go to the JP funded Gaelic grounds to support a JP funded county team though
All v odd that you hold your dog up to higher moral standards than yourself


Which thread did ye pummel Bart on ? He’s chasing his tail for a week now. Go easy on him lads.


Gas cunt, you may not be aware but there’s a search function on that thing you hilariously call the interweb :smiley:
If you type in ‘dogshit’ your eyes will be immediately assaulted with millions of pictures of said shit, right click and copy and it’s ready to go, very little ‘trawling’ involved and nicely illustrates the point that nobody wants the likes of you and your dogs traipsing across their land,
The whole process takes about as long as it takes your nephew to say ‘I’m voting no uncle Batt’ his sniggering would take an awful lot longer though.


A friend was telling me about his housemate a while back. There was a house party in College Court and there was a fairly big crowd at it. Front door was open and people were on the front lawn etc. Anyway, as the door was open anyone was free to walk in. Didn’t someone go in, walk in to one of the bedrooms and pick up a laptop and walk straight out. It was the following Morning before they realized it was missing. Apparently happened to a few houses in the same week


Throwing massive parties like that and leaving your laptop lieing around (even up in the bedroom). Christ above.